Project title: Community Development Program (CDP)

Implementer: Rural Development Network of North Macedonia

Partners: LAG Plackovica, LAG Malesh-Pijanec, LAG Belasica-Ograzden, LAG Bojmija, LAG Aber- 2015 and SEG Holding.

This project is implemented by the Rural Development Network of North Macedonia, with funding from the American people through the United States Agency for International Development (USAID).

Objective: To develop rural areas in the targeted regions of North Macedonia and engage local actors in the identification and prioritization of the real community needs to rely on their own resources to undertake socio-economic and environmental-friendly investments, with increased commitment from (local) public and private sector. The goal of CDP is to catalyze the development of less developed, rural communities in

N. Macedonia (North-East, East, and South-East Planning Regions) through utilizing emerging cross-sector (public, private and civic sector) platforms represented also through 5 Local Action Groups: LAG Plackovica, LAG Malesh-Pijanec, LAG Belasica-Ograzden, LAG Bojmija, and LAG Aber-2015. This program is part of the Local Works initiative through which USAID is helping communities to drive their own development by creating their own programs and activities. Rather than follow the typical top-down approach of initiatives created outside communities, CDP stimulates locally led development by supporting Local Action Groups and other local leadership efforts to engage community members in the design and delivery of solutions to their challenges and seek local resources to develop rural areas.

Project Components:

Component 1: Networking and Empowerment – Enabling single-sector and cross-sector liaising and capacity building of local stakeholders for developing innovative actions for improvement of local community wellbeing.

Component 2: Mobilization of local resources for achieving sustainable locally-led development models – as a process of bringing together as many stakeholders as possible to raise people’s awareness of and demand for actions for community development and to assist in the delivery of resources and services while strengthening community participation for achieving sustainability and self-reliance.

Component 3: Outreach and transfer of knowledge – community outreach implies providing critical information and access to that information to the wider community and public to achieve a broad understanding of the community self-reliance approach and transfer of knowledge to all interested stakeholders.


The project activities take place in three planning regions of the country: East, North-East and South-East, through 5 Local Action Groups (LAGs), that include 18 municipalities, capitalizing on the established foundations of this interests-shared model of all involved parties.

Introduction to consultancy mission:

SEG Holding, as one of the CDP implementing partners, is responsible for realization of capacity building activities for the Local Action Groups and/or other relevant stakeholders in the targeted regions. During the Training Needs Assessment (TNA) of the LAGs, conducted within the CDP, one of the deficiencies present in all LAGs was the lack of knowledge on Public private partnership. Namely, Public private partnership is one of the required approaches in budget planning for achieving allocation of funds that would contribute to achieving successful implementation of LAG strategies.

The purpose of this contract is to provide a 1-day training session on Public private partnerships (PPPs) and 1-day study visiting a successful example of public private partnership for participants from the target Local Action Groups (LAGs). This training aims is to empower the participants with the knowledge, skills, and practical insights required to effectively engage in and implement PPPs in their community development initiatives. In addition to the one-day training session, this contract will also include a one-day visit to an existing successful example of a public-private partnership, serving as a compelling case study. This visit will offer practical insights and firsthand experience of how PPPs can work in real-life scenarios, strengthening the participants’ understanding and enabling them to apply the concepts learned during the training. The overall objective is training session and study visit aim to equip the participants with the necessary tools, knowledge, and inspiration to foster effective public-private collaborations in their community development projects. By promoting the integration of PPP approaches, the LAGs can facilitate local ownership, leverage resources efficiently, and contribute significantly to sustainable development in their regions.

Scope of Work

As the Capacity Building Expert on Public private partnerships (PPPs), main responsibility will be to conduct a comprehensive one-day training session on Public-Private Partnerships for community development initiatives. Additionally, Capacity Building Expert on Public private partnerships (PPPs) will organize and facilitate a one-day study visit to a successful example of a Public-Private Partnership. The training and study visit aim to empower participants from the target Local Action Groups (LAGs) with the knowledge, skills, and practical insights required for effective engagement in and implementation of PPPs. The timeframe for implementation will be in August/September 2023.

The Capacity building on Public private partnerships (PPPs) expert will have total of 8 working days to prepare, implement and report on the training delivery and Study Visit to a Successful Public-Private Partnership. Expert will be responsible for preparing a methodology for conducting the training, designed according to the needs of the participants.

Training Session on Public-Private Partnerships:

  • Introduction to Public-Private Partnerships:
    • Understanding the concept of PPPs and their significance in community development.
    • Identifying the key actors and their roles in PPP projects.
  • Assessing Community Needs and Challenges:
    • Techniques for conducting thorough assessments of community needs.
    • Involving local stakeholders in the assessment process for inclusive PPP projects.
  • Effective Implementation of Public-Private Partnerships:
    • Strategies for successful PPP implementation and responsible resource allocation.
    • Ethical considerations in PPP activities to ensure transparency and accountability.
  • Building and Managing Collaborative Partnerships:
    • Recruiting, training, and engaging private and public sector partners.
    • Overcoming challenges in managing collaborative efforts for sustainable outcomes.
  • Leveraging Resources through Public-Private Collaboration:
    • Exploring opportunities to combine public and private resources for maximum impact.
    • Integrating social and environmental responsibility into PPP initiatives.
  • One-Day Study Visit to a Successful Public-Private Partnership:

Prior to the study visit, the Capacity Building Expert on Public private partnerships (PPPs) will coordinate with SEG Holding to identify a suitable and successful example of a Public-Private Partnership in the field of community development. The study visit will be scheduled as a separate day, allowing participants to gain real-life exposure to a functioning PPP project. The visit will include the following elements:

  • Introduction to the Successful PPP Project:
    • Participants will be given an overview of the chosen PPP project, its objectives, and achievements.
  • Guided Tour and Interaction:
    • Participants will be taken on a guided tour of the project site, allowing them to observe the project’s activities and outcomes.
    • They will have the opportunity to interact with key stakeholders, project managers, and beneficiaries, fostering knowledge exchange and networking.
  • Learning from Best Practices:
    • Participants will have the chance to learn from the best practices and strategies implemented in the successful PPP project.
    • They will gain insights into the challenges faced and the solutions employed to achieve positive outcomes.
  • Reflection and Discussion:
    • After the study visit, a dedicated reflection session will be conducted to encourage participants to share their observations, insights, and ideas.
    • The Capacity Building Expert will facilitate discussions on how the lessons learned can be applied to their own community development initiatives.

The study visit will serve as a practical and inspiring complement to the training session, offering participants firsthand experience and real-world examples of the benefits and challenges of successful Public-Private Partnerships.

Tasks to be performed by the Capacity Building Expert on Public private partnerships (PPPs) :

  • Develop a work methodology for the one-day training and the one-day study visit, ensuring a seamless and enriching experience for participants.
  • Prepare engaging and informative presentations, including PowerPoint slides and visual aids, for both the training session and the study visit.
  • Facilitate the training session and study visit, encouraging active participation, knowledge exchange, and networking among participants.
  • Provide post-training and study visit reports, highlighting the outcomes, participants’ feedback, and recommendations for future improvements.
  • By the end of the training session and study visit, participants should have gained a holistic understanding of Public-Private Partnerships and be equipped with practical insights to implement successful collaborations in their community development projects. Your expertise and guidance will be instrumental in empowering the LAGs to create meaningful and impactful projects through effective PPP implementation.

The Capacity building expert on Public private partnerships (PPPs) will receive support from the responsible person at SEG Holding during the process of preparation of the methodology, introduction to the needs of the participants, as well as during the implementation of the training.

Required qualifications of the Capacity building expert:

  • At least Bachelor’s degree in law/economics/social sciences or related disciplines or at least 7 years of experience working with different sector entities in socio-economic development and/or rural development and/or regional/municipal development.
  • At least 5 references in preparing/conducting/facilitating trainings/workshops/seminars with focus on Public-Private Partnerships policies or researches.
  • Ability to plan, organize and communicate effectively and efficiently
  • Fluency in Macedonian and English language
  • Focus on timely fulfillment of assigned tasks


All interested candidates are required to submit:

  • professional biography (CV),
  • portfolio / list of clients / organizations which received the same / similar activities (e.g. training),
  • proposed brief methodology for the planned training and
  • financial offer form for training and respective days

The documents marked Call for hiring a Capacity building expert for conducting training and study visit on Public private partnerships, should be submitted by email to:, no later than 29.08.2023 until 16:00 p.m.

The applicants will be notified of the results of the call, electronically, no later than 5 days after the selection.

Criteria for selecting a Capacity building expert:

  • Experience – 70%
  • Financial offer – 30%

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