Project title: Community Development Program (CDP)

Implementer: Rural Development Network of North Macedonia

Partners: LAG Plackovica, LAG Malesh-Pijanec, LAG Belasica-Ograzden, LAG Bojmija, LAG Aber- 2015 and SEG Holding.

This project is implemented by the Rural Development Network of North Macedonia, with funding from the American people through the United States Agency for International Development (USAID).

Objective: To develop rural areas in the targeted regions of North Macedonia and engage local actors in the identification and prioritization of the real community needs to rely on their own resources to undertake socio-economic and environmental-friendly investments, with increased commitment from (local) public and private sector. The goal of CDP is to catalyze the development of less developed, rural communities in

N. Macedonia (North-East, East, and South-East Planning Regions) through utilizing emerging cross-sector (public, private and civic sector) platforms represented also through 5 Local Action Groups: LAG Plackovica, LAG Malesh-Pijanec, LAG Belasica-Ograzden, LAG Bojmija, and LAG Aber-2015. This program is part of the Local Works initiative through which USAID is helping communities to drive their own development by creating their own programs and activities. Rather than follow the typical top-down approach of initiatives created outside communities, CDP stimulates locally led development by supporting Local Action Groups and other local leadership efforts to engage community members in the design and delivery of solutions to their challenges and seek local resources to develop rural areas.

Project Components:

Component 1: Networking and Empowerment – Enabling single-sector and cross-sector liaising and capacity building of local stakeholders for developing innovative actions for improvement of local community wellbeing.

Component 2: Mobilization of local resources for achieving sustainable locally-led development models – as a process of bringing together as many stakeholders as possible to raise people’s awareness of and demand for actions for community development and to assist in the delivery of resources and services while strengthening community participation for achieving sustainability and self-reliance.

Component 3: Outreach and transfer of knowledge – community outreach implies providing critical information and access to that information to the wider community and public to achieve a broad understanding of the community self-reliance approach and transfer of knowledge to all interested stakeholders.


The project activities take place in three planning regions of the country: East, North-East and South-East, through 5 Local Action Groups (LAGs), that include 18 municipalities, capitalizing on the established foundations of this interests-shared model of all involved parties.

Introduction to consultancy mission:

SEG Holding, as one of the CDP implementing partners, is responsible for realization of Policy briefs and action documents for the Local Action Groups and/or other relevant stakeholders in the targeted regions. Consultancy missions for policy experts represent targeted efforts to address pressing community challenges through research, analysis, and policy formulation. These missions empower policy experts to collaborate with local stakeholders, conduct rigorous assessments, and craft evidence-based recommendations to drive positive change. Each mission focuses on a specific policy area within a defined geographical region, aiming to develop policy briefs and action documents that inform decision-makers and advocate for effective policies. The success of these missions relies on expertise, engagement, and a shared commitment to enhancing the well-being and development of local communities through informed policy solutions.

The overall objective of policy briefs and action documents is to provide evidence-based recommendations that inform decision-makers, advocate for effective policies, and enhance the well-being and development of local communities by addressing pressing challenges in targeted regions through collaboration, rigorous assessment, and policy formulation.

Scope of Work

The main responsibility of all these experts is to conduct research, analysis, and recommendations related to identified need within a respective Local Action Group (LAG) territory. Their primary goal is to develop well-informed, concise action documents that address local community issues.

The timeframe for implementation of the activity is September 2023, with the deadline for completion of the activity September 25th, 2023.

The Consultants will have total of 3 working days each to develop action document relevant to the specific LAG territory. The consultants will receive support from the responsible person from the specific LAG and SEG Holding during the process of preparation of the documents.

The documents should be prepared in Macedonian language.

The action document is expected to provide recommendations and possible solutions to the specific issues identified on the territories of each LAG as follows:

Consultant 1 – Elderly Care in LAG Bojmija:

Scope of Work:

  • Mapping of the state of play regarding elderly care facilities in Gevgelija, Valandovo, Dojran, and Bogdanci municipalities.
  • Analyze the specific needs and challenges faced by elderly residents in these areas.
  • Develop policy recommendations for improving and expanding elderly care facilities.
  • Prepare an action document.


  • Conduct facility assessments.
  • Identify elderly care needs.
  • Formulate policy recommendations.
  • Collaborate with stakeholders.
  • Prepare action document.

Consultant 2 – Family Violence in LAG Malesh-Pijanec:

Scope of Work:

  • Research and document the statistics of instances of family violence prevalence in Berovo, Pehchevo, and Delchevo municipalities (law enforcement, social services, and advocacy groups)
  • Identify gaps in services for victims of family violence.
  • Formulate policy proposals to address problems related to family violence and possible need for establishing shelter for victims of family violence.
  • Prepare an action document.


  • Conduct research on family violence.
  • Document service gaps.
  • Develop policy proposals.
  • Collaborate with stakeholders.
  • Prepare action documents

Consultant 3 – Youth Inclusion in LAG Plackovica:

Scope of Work:

  • Assess youth engagement and participation in Stip, Karbinci, Radovish, and Konce municipalities.
  • Identify barriers preventing young people from active involvement in the community.
  • Develop policy recommendations to increase youth motivation and inclusion.
  • Create an action document.


  • Assess youth engagement.
  • Identify barriers to participation.
  • Formulate policy recommendations.
  • Prepare action documents

Consultant 4 – Waste Disposal in LAG Aber 2015:

Scope of Work:

  • Investigate uncontrolled disposal of bulky and construction waste in Kumanovo, Staro Nagoricane, and Lipkovo municipalities.
  • Analyze environmental and health impacts of improper waste disposal.
  • Formulate policy solutions to regulate and manage waste disposal practices.
  • Collaborate with local environmental agencies, waste management companies, and community representatives.
  • Develop an action document.


  • Investigate waste disposal practices.
  • Assess environmental and health impacts.
  • Develop policy solutions.
  • Collaborate with stakeholders.
  • Prepare action document.

Consultant 5 – Primary School Sports in LAG Belasica Ograzden:

Scope of Work:

  • Evaluate the status of primary school sports programs in Strumica, Bosilovo, Vasilevo, and Novo Selo municipalities.
  • Identify gaps and challenges in providing school sports activities outside regular classes.
  • Develop policy recommendations to enhance access to school sports for primary school students.
  • Engage with school administration, parents, and local sports organizations.
  • Create an action document.


  • Evaluate school sports programs.
  • Identify gaps in access.
  • Formulate policy recommendations.
  • Collaborate with stakeholders.
  • Prepare policy documents.

Required qualifications of the Consultant:

  • Bachelor’s degree or at least 5 years of experience working with different sector entities in socio- economic development and/or rural development and/or regional/municipal development.
  • At least 1 reference in developing research/analysis/policy paper.
  • Ability to plan, organize and communicate effectively and efficiently
  • Fluency in Macedonian and English language
  • Focus on timely fulfillment of assigned tasks


All interested candidates are required to submit:

  • professional biography (CV),
  • portfolio / list of clients / organizations which received the same / similar activities
  • proposed brief methodology for the planned policy briefs and action documents
  • financial offer in US dollars

The documents marked Call for hiring a Consultant for developing action documents, should be submitted by email to:, no later than 18.09.2023 until 16:00 p.m.

The applicants will be notified of the results of the call, electronically, no later than 5 days after the selection.

Criteria for selecting a Capacity building expert:

  • Experience – 70%
  • Financial offer – 30%

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