Terms of Reference for the Training needs assessment of 5 Local Action Groups LAG Plackovica, LAG Malesh-Pijanec, LAG Belasica-Ograzden, LAG Bojmija and LAG Aber-2015 on the relevant topics for the Community development program


SEG Holding is a consulting company that has developed a new, flexible model for offering consulting services, through a combination of internal and external experts. Our work consists of mobilization of funds, strategic planning, trainings and consulting, as well as research and analysis. SEG Holding collaborates with clients that need support and expertise, by offering them a “tailored approach”. The consultants of SEG Holding work non-stop in order to successfully fulfill the needs and wants of the clients. SEG Holding was established in the year 2014, and up until now, the company has over 400 satisfied clients, through whom the company generated over 14 million euros. The company has educated more than 500 participants through trainings and workshops. On average, SEG Holding develops more than 40 projects, together with its’ clients, that moreover obtain support in the implementation part if the project is funded successfully. SEG Holding and its’ consultants also participate in the evaluation of EU projects, and as of 2018 the company actively collaborates with the central and local governments in the process of strategy development and development action plans. SEG Holding has a strategic collaboration and is an active member of the Economic Chamber of North-West Macedonia as well as the Macedonian Chambers of Commerce, and through its’ consultants, the company also takes active participation in the Management Consulting Association MCA 2000.

2. Project Background

Project title: Community development program

Overall objective: The goal of the Community development program (CDP) is to catalyze the development of less developed, rural communities in N. Macedonia (North-East, East, and South-East Planning Regions) through utilizing emerging cross-sector (public, private and civic sector) platforms represented also through 5 Local Action Groups: LAG Plackovica, LAG Malesh-Pijanec, LAG Belasica-Ograzden, LAG Bojmija, and LAG Aber-2015.

Project Outcomes:

Component 1) Networking and Empowerment – Enabling single-sector and cross-sector liaising and capacity building of local stakeholders for developing innovative actions for improvement of local community wellbeing.

Component 2) Mobilization of local resources for achieving sustainable locally-led development models – as a process of bringing together as many stakeholders as possible to raise people’s awareness of and demand for actions for community development and to assist in the delivery of resources and services while strengthening community participation for achieving sustainability and self-reliance.

Component 3) Outreach and transfer of knowledge – community outreach implies providing critical information and access to that information to the wider community and public to achieve a broad understanding of the community self-reliance approach and transfer of knowledge to all interested stakeholders.


The project activities will take place in three regions of the country: East, North-East and South-East, through 5 Local Action Groups (LAGs), that include 18 municipalities, capitalizing on the established foundations of this interests-shared model of all involved parties. This project is funded by the USAID Community Development Program, implemented by the Rural Development Network of North Macedonia, with the support of the American people through the United States Agency for International Development (USAID)

Purpose and Scope of Work

A better understanding of LAG training needs is the main objective of this consultancy. At the moment there is no specific competence framework in place for LAGs. The consultancy should undertake an assessment of the situation on the ground by inventorying the existing staff strength and skill-set of LAGs and identify the main gaps to be bridged by the Project. The purpose of the Training needs assessment of LAGs is to assess their own capacities and jointly define the scope of competence areas related to the program. Based on the assessment, information on the knowledge gaps will be gained and a training plan will be developed.

The training plan will be tailored to the needs of 5 Local Action Groups in order to define topics for further trainings and strengthen the capacity for local development and facilitate cross-sectoral partnerships (e.g. different types of cross-sector partnerships, crowdfunding, social entrepreneurship, public-private partnership, self-reliance as a concept, philanthropy and volunteering, stakeholder’s analysis, advocacy, promotion, animation and mobilization of stakeholders, community-led local engagement, mobilization of funds, gender-based budgeting, project management, leadership, etc.).

The expert will need to define a methodology for the Training needs assessment with each of the 5 Local Action Groups (LAGs) facilitators: LAG Plackovica, LAG Malesh-Pijanec, LAG Belasica-Ograzden, LAG Bojmija and LAG Aber-2015 on the relevant topics for the Community development program.

Expected outcomes are as follows:

  • To prepare an assessment methodology for the training needs of the LAGs;
  • Undertake a training needs assessment and identify the main gaps for capacity building of LAGs;
  • To prepare a training plan based on the undertaken needs assessment of the LAGs;
  • Produce a brief Training needs assessment report.

Confidentiality of information:

The expert mission will follow the principles of confidentiality. All documents and data collected will be treated as confidential and used solely to facilitate the analysis. All data and information provided is to be delivered to SEG Holding, to be stored safely in line with policies in place. The collection and processing of data will be monitored, and the process supported/facilitated by SEG Holding.

Intellectual Property Rights:

SEG Holding reserves all intellectual property rights in relation to this expert mission and all related documents and data. No copies of this Training needs assessment or data shall be used, reproduced, or shared with other parties without the written authorization of SEG Holding.


The Training needs assessment report will be conducted by a selected consultancy/expert. A mixed-methods approach will be sought integrating quantitative and qualitative data collection. The methodology will include interviews with a predetermined set of questions and online interviews with each of the 5 Local Action Groups (LAGs) facilitators.

SEG Holding will oversee and manage the consultancy process and ensure compliance with this ToR. SEG Holding is responsible for the approval of the products by the involved consultancy/expert, as well as for most of the consultancy stages for conducting the activities, such as interviews, needs assessment, training plan, and report writing, etc.

5. Time Frame and Input

The assignment will be implemented over a period from 18th – 30th 2022 April. The total estimated expert input shall be 5 working days. The expert is responsible for the timely submission of the following deliverables:

No. Deliverable Description Due date Days
1. 1 assessment methodology for the training needs of the LAGs and prepared questionnaire for TNA Develop a methodology and approach for training needs assessment. Structuring and delivering the questionnaire by email to 5 LAGs representatives. April 18th, 2022 1
2. Conducted 5 structured interviews. Conducting individual online interviews with 5 LAGs representatives. April 20th, 2022 2
3. 1 training plan Data processing received of the received questionaries’ and conducted interviews. Preparation of the capacities building training plan based on identified main gaps of the current capacities of the LAGs. April 26th 2022 1
4. Produced 1 brief Training needs assessment report Preparation of Training needs assessment report. April 29th, 2022 1

6. Content of the Training needs assessment report

The Training needs assessment report should be in English, between 8 -10 pages without Annexes, and consist of:

  • Title Page, Acronyms and Table of Contents;
  • Executive summary;
  • Training needs assessment methodology;
  • Findings from needs assessment;
  • Training plan for improving the capacity of the LAGs through capacity building.

7. Consultancy/Expert

The consultancy/expert should have the following essential skills and knowledge:

General experience and skills:

  • A University degree in the field of social sciences and at least seven (7) years of general professional experience are requested below;
  • Demonstrated experience and skills in facilitating stakeholder/working group consultations;
  • The candidates must be fluent in English, as well as in local languages in the target area, with the ability to produce well-written reports and demonstrated analytical and communication skills.

Specific professional experience:

  • At least five (5) years of prior work experience in the field of training and analysis preparations;
  • At least one (1) year of prior work experience of the EU LEADER approach and/or closely working with LAGs;

In the case of a legal entity, registered activity in consultancy management or training services are required;

8. Required documents for application

  • Letter for expression of interest;
  • References (at least 2 similar mission references);
  • CVs of proposed expert;
  • Financial proposal/offer per day in USD.

The documents above should be sent to the following e-mail addresses: contact@seg-holding.com, no later than April 14th, 2022, with the title “Training needs assessment for 5 Local Action Groups LAG Plackovica, LAG Malesh-Pijanec, LAG Belasica-Ograzden, LAG Bojmija and LAG Aber-2015 on the relevant topics for the Community development program”.

9. Selection Process

Due to the small scale (costs) of activities to be carried out by the consultancy/expert, SEG Holding will conduct a restricted call (three quotations from the consultancy/experts) as well as the publication the call on the SEG Holding website (https://seg-holding.com). SEG Holding will sensitize contractors that have a proven track record in similar consultancy/training missions and/or have the needed experiences related to the topic of the project. Any questions of the interested parties should be addressed to contact@seg-holding.com, no later than April 13th, 2022, with the title of the call in the subject line: “Training needs assessment for 5 Local Action Groups LAG Plackovica, LAG Malesh-Pijanec, LAG Belasica-Ograzden, LAG Bojmija and LAG Aber-2015 on the relevant topics for the Community development program”.

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