Изработка на стратегија на Град Скопје со акциски план (2019 2021)

Workshop announcement (April 19, 2019) with the civil society organizations for final comments and adoption of the Strategy for cooperation of the City of Skopje with the civil society organizations with an Action Plan (2019-2021).

The purpose of the strategy is defining new strategic planning, presented through clear priorities and objectives, concrete measures and activities, and expressed through a new approach and methodology in the cooperation with and financing of organizations from the civil sector.

The Draft Strategy foresees the achievement of three (draft) strategic objectives:

  1. Conducting quality development and innovative projects through co-financing of civil society organizations and joint implementation of activities;
  2. Strengthening of communication and cooperation of the City of Skopje with the civil society organizations; and
  3. Improving the capacity of the city administration for cooperation with and funding of civil society organizations.

Prior attending the workshop, we would kindly request you to provide us with your comments, constructive criticisms, suggestions and ideas for the proposal – the Strategy for Cooperation of the City of Skopje with the Civil Society Organizations with an Action Plan (2019-2021), no later than April 18th, 2019 by 11am, at the following e-mail address: contact@seg-holding.com