We are continuously expanding our group of professional and independent consultants

Even though SEG Holding possesses internal expertise, we cooperate with external consultants. All consultants have experience and references of working in a certain sector. All of them must possess practical experience in a certain industry. They are dedicated, diligent and adaptable.

In order to work with us, you need to possess quality, be devoted to your work, available to the client at any time and be honest will all included parties. On the other hand, you will keep your independence and you will also receive complete administrative and strategic support for delivering the services. With SEG Holding you will get the opportunity to be a part of a modern, multi-cultural team with high integrity and quality.

Independent consulting with SEG Holding joins the choice, flexibility and control you get as a freelancer with the best aspects of traditional consulting: excellent and challenging work, for leading clients, working with outstanding colleagues.

We do our work mostly in the Republic of North Macedonia and neighboring countries like Kosovo and Albania. If you would like to discover independent consulting with SEG Holding, please send your CV and a short summary of your current position and ambitions to: contact@seg-holding.com

We are continuously aspiring to grow and develop our firm, our clients and our consultants

Selected candidates should have completed an undergraduate or master’s (MSc or MA) degree.

They should also:

  • Be devoted and willing to invest in their career
  • Have a record of outstanding academic and personal achievement
  • Have an established awareness in understanding how businesses work
  • Be self-assured, imaginative, practical and independent
  • Be able to resolve perplexing problems with thoroughness and practicality
  • Be comfortable with gathering and deducing qualitative and quantitative data
  • Have demonstrated leadership and enjoy working as part of a team


If you would like to learn more about current opportunities with SEG Holding, please contact us at: contact@seg-holding.com