Mobilization of funds

Where there is necessity for fund generation and realization of project ideas, SEG Holding gets involved. With its’ knowledge and experience in EU-funded projects, and projects from other international and bilateral donors, SEG Holding ensures that the client has fully developed project proposal or project promotion. In this way, we provide support when applying for grants or services within the EU and other funds.

Strategic planning

SEG Holding and its’ consultants have years of experience in planning and strategy development, by using a participatory approach. Where an organization has identified the need for strategic planning or revision of the strategiec goals, SEG Holding organizes a precisely determined process for adopting strategic guidelines, aimed at maintaining the organization’s sustainability.

Training and consultancy

SEG Holding delivers various types of trainings and consultations, tailored for the needs of the private and civil sectors, and public administration. SEG Holding involves in areas such as: strategic management, project preparation and implementation, project and financial management, advocacy research and many others.

Research and analysis

For the needs of its customers, SEG Holding delivers a variety of research and analysis services that follows mandatory methodological approaches. The research, in accordance with the requirements, includes qualitative and quantitative approaches. In addition, SEG Holding conducts external project evaluation. Upon the request of our clients.