Seg Holding is a consulting company that has developed new, flexible model for offering consulting services, through a combination of internal and external experts. Our work consists of mobilization of funds, strategic planning, trainings and consulting, as well as research and analysis. SEG Holding collaborates with clients that need support and expertise, by offering them “tailored approach”. The consultants of SEG Holding work non-stop in order to successfully fulfill the needs and wants of the clients.


SEG Holding was established in the year 2014, and up until now the company has over 400 satisfied clients, through whom the company generated over 14 million euros. The company has educated more than 500 participants through trainings and workshops. On average, SEG Holding develops more than 40 projects, together with its’ clients, that moreover obtain support in the implementation part if the project is funded successfully. SEG Holding and its’ consultants also participate in evaluation of EU projects, and as of 2018 the company actively collaborates with the central and local government in the process of strategy development and development of action plans.


SEG Holding has strategic collaboration and is an active member of the Economic Chamber of North-West Macedonia as well as the Macedonian Chambers of Commerce, and through its’ consultants the company also takes active participation in the Management Consulting Association MCA 2000.