What is social responsibility? Being socially responsible means that people and organizations must behave ethically and with sensitivity toward social, cultural, economic and environmental issues. Striving for social responsibility helps individuals, organizations and governments have a positive impact on development, business and society with positive contribution to bottom-line results.

Playing our role as a national citizen

As a firm that is serving companies in N. Macedonia, Kosovo and Albania, we take note on the role that we can play in the investment and development in the local communities. As an employer, we can also take note of the significance of laying socially responsible internal policies and goals.

Social issues

Through our consulting expertise and proposals, SEG Holding will be able to create a big social impact and make a positive change as well. Some of our clients are constantly working on projects which make improvements in the everyday life of people. We also work with governmental and non-governmental organizations in order to help them improve the value of every facility and establishment.